How to pass ISTQB Foundation exam certification in your first attempt

Here are few Tips and Tricks to pass the ISTQB Foundation Level Certification Exam in first attempt. ISTQB Exam is one of the most widely recognized exams for Software Testing professionals. Many organization are making it mandatory for their employees to take up this exam. The exam is not very tough but sometimes people underestimate the difficulty level of the exam, do not study enough and fail the exam.

The below tips are aimed at helping you prepare well for the exam so that you can pass it in your first attempt.

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  1. Study the complete ISTQB Foundation level syllabus. The whole ISTQB syllabus is covered on this site.  Topics are explained with proper explanations and the terminologies which are actually asked in the ISTQB exam certification. Get the premium ISTQB study material from our partner site to pass easily with high score.
  2. After reading the entire syllabus properly, take up some sample question papers or mock tests. ISTQB dumps are available here, start solving them.
  3. This will give an idea of the important topics that needs more attention. This will also help you in understanding the different questions that are asked in the ISTQB certification exam.
  4. This will also help you in finding out the topics that you are weak in.
  5. Study these topics again until you have a good understanding of the subject.
  6. After solving some of the sample question papers go through the entire syllabus once again. Yes, it’s very important to study the syllabus again.
  7. This helps in understanding the topics and the terminologies in a better way. You will have a good grasp of the different topics and where they fit in the bigger picture.
  8. You can also make a list of the terminologies and the definitions which are asked frequently in the exam.
  9. You should pay more attention to the topics like Black box testing (Equivalence Partitioning, Boundary Value Analysis), White box testing, Test Coverage and Types of coverage like Statement coverage, Decision coverage and Condition coverage.
  10. After reading the entire syllabus twice and solving few of the sample question papers try to give a mock test in the stipulated time – that is 40 questions in 90 minutes.
  11. This means that you have approximately 2.25 minutes to answer each question. This time is enough to solve the multiple choice questions.
  12. Candidates have been able to prepare for the exam in 2 months or less while working full time.
  13. One note of caution: Do not depend on sample question papers alone. The questions you practice may not show up in the exam since the questions for the exam are picked at random. Your focus should be on understanding the topics. The question papers are a tool to help you find out topics you are weak in.

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Some additional tips regarding the questions:

  1. The questions asked in the ISTQB certification are presented in such a way that all the options look almost similar. Hence, it is very important to read the question and its options very carefully.
  2. If you find more than one correct answer then start eliminating the obvious ones. After eliminating them, focus on the most appropriate terminology or definition or the answer to be selected for the question asked and then make the correct selection.
  3. Read the question twice or thrice and try to understand it. There are few words in the questions which needs more attention like NOT, NEVER, ALL, EVERY, etc.
  4. After attending the mock test check for your answers and watch your scores. You need to solve more than 26 questions correctly in order to pass the exam.

Once you have gone through the entire syllabus twice or thrice and solved 15 to 20 sample papers in the stipulated time, I think you are all set to give the exam and clear it in first attempt.

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