What is Dynamic analysis tools in software testing?

Dynamic analysis tools are ‘dynamic’ because they require the code to be in a running state. They are ‘analysis’ rather than ‘testing’ tools because they analyze what is happening ‘behind the scenes’ that is in the code while the software is running (whether being executed with test cases or being used in operation). [Read more…]

What is Risk analysis?

There are many techniques to analyze the testing. They are:

  • One technique for risk analysis is a close reading of the requirements specification, design specifications, user documentation and other items.
  • Another technique is brainstorming with many of the project stakeholders. [Read more…]

What is Static analysis tools in software testing?

Static analysis tools are generally used by developers as part of the development and component testing process. The key aspect is that the code (or other artifact) is not executed or run but the tool itself is executed, and the source code we are interested in is the input data to the tool. [Read more…]

What is static analysis?

  • Performed on requirement design or code without actually executing the software or before the code is actually run.
  • Goal of static analysis is to find the defects whether or not they may cause failure.
  • Static analysis find defects rather than failures.