What is Condition coverage?

Condition Coverage in testing is closely related to decision coverage but has better sensitivity to the control flow.

  • However, full condition coverage does not guarantee full decision coverage.
  • Condition coverage reports the true or false outcome of each condition.
  • Condition coverage measures the conditions independently of each other.

Other control-flow code-coverage measures include linear code sequence and jump (LCSAJ) coverage, multiple condition coverage (also known as condition combination coverage) and condition determination coverage (also known as multiple condition decision coverage or modified condition decision coverage, MCDC). This technique requires the coverage of all conditions that can affect or determine the decision outcome.

What is Statement coverage? Advantages and disadvantages

The statement coverage is also known as line coverage or segment coverage. The statement coverage covers only the true conditions.

  • Through statement coverage we can identify the statements executed and where the code is not executed because of blockage.
  • In this process each and every line of code needs to be checked and executed

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