What are the important factors for the software testing tool selection?

While introducing the tool in the organization it must match a need within the organization, and solve that need in a way that is both effective and efficient. The tool should help in building the strengths of the organization and should also address its weaknesses. The organization needs to be ready for the changes that will come along with the new tool.

If the current testing practices are not good enough and the organization is not mature, then it is always recommended to improve testing practices first rather than to try to find tools to support poor practices. Automating chaos just gives faster chaos! [Read more…]

What are the factors affecting test effort in software testing?

When you create test plans and estimate the testing effort and schedule, you must keep these factors in mind otherwise your plans and estimates will mislead you at the beginning of the project and betray you at the middle or end.

The test strategies or approaches you pick will have a major influence on the testing effort. In this section, let’s look at factors related to the product, the process and the results of testing. [Read more…]

How to choose that which testing technique is best?

How to choose that which technique is best? This is the wrong question!
Each technique is good in its own way in finding out the certain kind of defect, and not as good for finding out the other kind of defects. For example, one of the benefits of structure-based techniques is that they can find out the defects or things in the code that aren’t supposed to be there, such as ‘Trojan horses’ or other malicious code.

However, if there are parts of the specification that are missing from the code, only specification-based techniques will find that, structure-based techniques can only test what is there. [Read more…]