What is Review process support tools?

Every type of review has its own value whether it is informal or formal review as discussed in Chapter 3. For a very informal review, where one person looks at another’s document and gives a few comments about it, a tool such as this might just obstruct the informal review process. However, when the review process is more formal, when many people are involved, or when the people involved are in different geographical locations, then tool support become very useful. [Read more…]

What is Technical review in software testing?

Technical review:

  • It is less formal review
  • It is led by the trained moderator but can also be led by a technical expert [Read more…]

What are the roles and responsibilities involved during a review?

During a review four types of participants take part. They are:

  1. The moderator:
  • Also known as review leader
  • Performs entry check
  • Follow-up on the rework
  • Schedules the meeting
  • Coaches other team
  • Leads the possible discussion and stores the data that is collected
  1. [Read more…]