What are the risks or disadvantages of using the testing tools?

Although there are many benefits that can be achieved by using tools to support testing activities, but there are also many risks that are associated with it when tool support for testing is introduced and used.

Risks include:

  • Unrealistic expectations from the tool: Unrealistic expectations may be one of the greatest risks to success with tools. The tools are just software and we all know that there are many problems associated with any kind of software. It is very important to have clear and realistic objectives for what the tool can do. [Read more…]

What is independent testing? It’s benefits and risks

The degree of independence avoids author bias and is often more effective at finding defects and failures.

There is several level of independence which is listed here from the lowest level of independence to the highest:
i. Tests by the person who wrote the item.
ii. Tests by another person within the same team, like another programmer.
iii.Tests by the person from some different group such as an independent test team.
iv.Tests by a person from a different organization or company, such as outsourced testing or certification by an external body. [Read more…]