What is Monitoring tools in software testing?

Monitoring tools are used to continuously keep track of the status of the system in use, in order to have the earliest warning of failures, defects or problems and to improve them. [Read more…]

What is Performance testing, Load testing and stress-testing tools in software testing?

Performance testing tools are basically for system level testing, to see whether or not the system will stand up to a high volume of usage. A load testing is to check that the system can handle its expected number of transactions.

A volume testing is basically to check that the system can handle a large amount of data, e.g. many fields in a record, many records in a file, etc. A stress testing is one that goes beyond the normal expected usage of the system (to see what would happen outside its design expectations), with respect to load or volume. [Read more…]

What is Dynamic analysis tools in software testing?

Dynamic analysis tools are ‘dynamic’ because they require the code to be in a running state. They are ‘analysis’ rather than ‘testing’ tools because they analyze what is happening ‘behind the scenes’ that is in the code while the software is running (whether being executed with test cases or being used in operation). [Read more…]

What are Security testing tools in software testing?

There are many tools that protect systems from external attack. Like firewall, this is very important for any system.

Security testing tools can be used to test security of the system by trying to break it or by hacking it. The attacks may focus on the network, the support software, the application code or the underlying database. [Read more…]

What is Test harness/ Unit test framework tools in software testing?

These tools are mostly used by developers. These two types of tool are grouped together because they are variants of the type of support needed by developers when testing individual components or units of software.

A test harness provides stubs and drivers, which are small programs that interact with the software under test (e.g. for testing middleware and embedded software). Some unit test framework tools provide support for object-oriented software, others for other development paradigms. [Read more…]

What is Test execution tools in software testing?

When people talk about the ‘testing tool’, it is mostly a test execution tool that they think of, basically a tool that can run tests. This type of tool is also known as a ‘test running tool’. Most tools of this type get started by capturing or recording manual tests; hence they are also known as ‘capture/playback’ tools, ‘capture/replay’ tools or ‘record/playback’ tools. It is similar as recording a television program, and playing it back. [Read more…]

What is Test data preparation tools in software testing?

When an extensive range or volume of data is needed for testing then using the test data preparation tool is of great help.

They are very useful for performance and reliability testing, where a large amount of realistic data is needed. They may be used by developers and may also be used during system or acceptance testing. [Read more…]

What is Test design tools in software testing?

Test design tools help to create test cases, or at least test inputs (which is part of a test case). If an automated oracle is available, then the tool can also make the expected result, so in point of fact it can generate test cases (rather than just test inputs). [Read more…]