Best Test Management Tools – Web based

Test management tools take care of the entire end to end QA processes. It is used to keep track of the information like Test strategy, Test planning, Test cases and it also keeps the track of all the bugs raised and much more. There are many different types of test management tools which come with different features which are suitable for different types of testing. Most test management tools allow you to start working with them without having to install anything on your machine. This allows the tester to collaborate with his/her team from any where. Below we list some of the best web based test management tools. [Read more…]

Best Desktop Test Management Tools

Test Management tools are used for planning the testing activities and for storing the information about the project and also reporting the status of the testing activities. These tools are installed on your desktop and are used to manage the testing efforts. Some tools have a common database or a web based back end, which is used to share data across multiple desktops. Some of the widely used Desktop test management tools are listed below. [Read more…]