What is test control?

Projects do not always open up as planned. If the planned product and the actual product is different then risks become occurrences, stakeholder needs evolve, the world around us changes.  Hence it is required and needed to bring the project back under control.

Test control is about guiding and corrective actions to try to achieve the best possible outcome for the project. The specific guiding actions depend on what we are trying to control. Let us take few hypothetical examples:

  • A portion of the software under test will be delivered late but market conditions dictate that we cannot change the release date. At this point of time test control might involve re-prioritizing the tests so that we start testing against what is available now.
  • For cost reasons, performance testing is normally run on weekday evenings during off-hours in the production environment. Due to unexpected high demand for your products, the company has temporarily adopted an evening shift that keeps the production environment in use 18 hours a day, five days a week. In this context test control might involve rescheduling the performance tests for the weekend.

Hence the above examples show that how test control affect testing.