What are the roles and responsibilities of a Tester?

Roles and Responsibilities of a Tester are as follows. In the test planning and preparation phases of the testing, testers should review and contribute to test plans, as well as analyzing, reviewing and assessing requirements and design specifications. They may be involved in or even be the primary people identifying test conditions and creating test designs, test cases, test procedure specifications and test data, and may automate or help to automate the tests.

  • They often set up the test environments or assist system administration and network management staff in doing so.
  • As test execution begins, the number of testers often increases, starting with the work required to implement tests in the test environment.
  • Testers execute and log the tests, evaluate the results and document problems found.
  • They monitor the testing and the test environment, often using tools for this task, and often gather performance metrics.
  • Throughout the software testing life cycle, they review each other’s work, including test specifications, defect reports and test results.