What is black box testing, Specification-based, also known as behavioral testing techniques?

Specification-based testing technique is also known as ‘black box testing’ or input/output driven testing techniques because they view the software as a black-box with inputs and outputs.

  • The testers have no knowledge of how the system or component is structured inside the box. In black-box testing the tester is concentrating on what the software does, not how it does it.
  • The definition mentions both functional and non-functional testing. Functional testing is concerned with what the system does its features or functions. Non-functional testing is concerned with examining how well the system does. Non-functional testing like performance, usability, portability, maintainability, etc.
  • Specification-based techniques are appropriate at all levels of testing (component testing through to acceptance testing) where a specification exists. For example, when performing system or acceptance testing, the requirements specification or functional specification may form the basis of the tests.
  • There are four specification-based or black-box technique: