What is Efficiency testing in software?

Efficiency testing test the amount of code and testing resources required by a program to perform a particular function. Software Test Efficiency is number of test cases executed divided by unit of time (generally per hour).

It is internal in the organization how much resources were consumed how much of these resources were utilized.

Here are some formulas to calculate Software Test Efficiency (for different factors):

  • Test efficiency = (total number of defects found in unit+integration+system) / (total number of defects found in unit+integration+system+User acceptance testing)
  • Testing Efficiency = (No. of defects Resolved / Total No. of Defects Submitted)* 100

Software Test Effectiveness covers three aspects:

— How much the customer’s requirements are satisfied by the system.
— How well the customer specifications are achieved by the system.
— How much effort is put in developing the system.