What is Project risk in software testing?

Testing is an activity like the rest of the project and thus it is subject to risks that cause danger to the project.

The project risk that can endanger the project are:

  • Risk such as the late delivery of the test items to the test team or availability issues with the test environment.
  • There are also indirect risks such as excessive delays in repairing defects found in testing or problems with getting professional system administration support for the test environment.

 For any risk, project risk or product risk we have four typical actions that we can take:

  • Mitigate: Take steps in advance to reduce the possibility and impact of the risk.
  • Contingency: Have a plan in place to reduce the possibility of the risk to become an outcome.
  • Transfer: Convince some other member of the team or project stakeholder to reduce the probability or accept the impact of the risk.
  • Ignore: Ignore the risk, which is usually a good option only when there is little that can be done or when the possibility and impact of that risk are low in the project.