What is Test implementation? or How to specifying test procedures or scripts?

The document that describes the steps to be taken in running a set of tests and specifies the executable order of the tests is called a test procedure in IEEE 829, and is also known as a test script. 

When test Procedure Specification is prepared then it is implemented and is called Test implementation. Test script is also used to describe the instructions to a test execution tool. An automation script is written in a programming language that the tool can understand. (This is an automated test procedure.). We will study about it in the chapter no. 6.

The tests that are intended to be run manually rather than using a test execution tool can be called as manual test script. The test procedures, or test scripts, are then formed into a test execution schedule that specifies which procedures are to be run first – a kind of superscript.

Writing the test procedure is another opportunity to prioritize the tests, to ensure that the best testing is done in the time available. A good rule of thumb is ‘Find the scary stuff first’. However the definition of what is ‘scary’ depends on the business, system or project and depends up on the risk of the project.